We say goodbye to the Volkswagen Beetle

Launched for the first time in 1938 in Germany, the Volkswagen Beetle finished its long career a few weeks ago. The Puebla plant in Mexico indeed celebrated the event with a glimpse of the history of the Beetle and a "goodbye" worthy of its place in history.


Initially a car designed for the German army, the Beetle was renamed and sold to the public after the 2nd World War. The popularity was immediate and by 1955 Volkswagen had already sold more than 1 million Volkswagen Beetle units. Production spread until 1978 with over 21 million models sold worldwide making the Beetle one of the world's best-selling cars. In total, nearly half a million Volkswagen Beetles have been sold in Canada.


In 1998, Volkswagen launched the New Beetle, a vehicle already destined to become a future classic. Now that Volkswagen is preparing to jump to electrification, we expect to see the Beetle remain very popular with buyers which should increase their value.