Three things you get in the 2019 Volkswagen Tiguan Trendline

The Volkswagen Atlas was a huge success from the moment it hit the market and this trend is expected to continue with the Atlas upgrade in 2021. Without changing the recipe that has dictated the success of the Volkswagen Atlas, Volkswagen plans to upgrade its SUV significantly.


Here's a look at what is coming.


An improved infotainment system


The Volkswagen Atlas will receive an interesting update to its infotainment system later this year. The MIB3 system offers a host of exciting enhancements including wireless connection for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay systems as well as 360L technology for the satellite radio.


A new design


The Atlas will be entitled to a more rounded and upscale style in 2021. It retains its muscular look, but the whole is more refined. Inside, a new steering wheel and a sleeker dashboard await the Atlas buyer. The SUV will also feature Volkswagen's new logo.


New safety technologies


The 2021 Volkswagen Atlas will be offered with advanced safety technologies, including Travel Assist and Emergency Assist technologies. These systems offer several automated driving technologies that are able to control the acceleration and the trajectory of the vehicle on the freeway and essentially keep you in your lane. In addition, if the system detects that you are unwell or otherwise, it can safely slow down to a complete stop.


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