Reduce the number of rock chips on your windshield | Diamond Fusion

As many of our residents know, our province uses gravel to help combat the very dangerous and slippery conditions our winters can produce.

Gravel holds huge benefits in icy conditions providing more traction for vehicles, cornering, and stopping can be improved as well. With all of the benefits gravel comes with it also comes with some drawbacks. Gravel causes damage to vehicles. Paint jobs, undercarriages and windshields, can be heavily damaged and/or destroyed. Rock chip damage is costly and devalues are vehicles, yet we have no choice but to deal with it.

As mentioned in other articles, our dealership offers several different products or options that will help reduce or eliminate rock damage. One such option we provide is called Diamond Fusion. This is a commercial grade hydrophobic nano-technology. In other words, this is a water repelling product that fills in the existing gaps and grooves that are already present on your windshield.

Most people don't know this but the glass is not a smooth flat surface, in fact, under a microscope, it looks like a mountain range. Dirt, water, sap, and bugs can get stuck in those valleys on your windshield causing visibility problems which are a safety issue. With Diamond Fusion, we apply a liquid to your windshield that fills in those valleys. This is a two-stage process that actually increases the strength of your windshield by 10 times and makes it a smooth flat surface. This, in turn, repels water because it doesn't have anything to cling to, thereby increasing your visibility and safety. Also, debris like dirt, small rocks, bugs, and sap have a more difficult time causing damage.

The product is used by the army to treat their windshields against sand pitting in extreme conditions. It is applied to office buildings to help reduce damage from debris that may be spread by the elements and to help repel water. This has been used for many years by companies and manufacturers all over the world.

The Diamond Fusion product is backed by an incredible 5-year warranty. Should you get a rock chip, which is still possible, it will be fixed for free for the term of the warranty. In the event that you need a windshield replacement, you will pay a $50 re-application fee and have a new windshield installed. There are no longer any inspections required so this makes this a very user-friendly option for any vehicle owner.

For those customers that have more expensive vehicles, they also tend to have more expensive windshields. We offer an upgraded version of Diamond Fusion called Diamond Fusion Ultra. This is a thicker version of the product that gives a bit of a heavier coverage to try and reduce potential rock chips, pitting and debris damage even more.

Your windshield plays a major part in your safety. If you can't see out of it, obviously that is dangerous, but in the event of an accident, it plays as major a role as your airbags and your anti-lock brakes. We live in a province where debris is constant so why risk your safety and why have to spend undo money. Come down to see us and let us show how beneficial this product is and why we love it so much, don't accept imitations.